Blog assignment #1:

In response to the NY Times articles…I agree that technology needs to be in the classroom. Simple as that. Most, if not all, teachers at Northview use their laptops to manage schedules and create documents/presentations for their students. Without them [the laptops], teachers would be disorganized and much more old-school, accomplishing less teaching with less efficiency. Projectors take up a fraction of the space of a bigscreen TV (both in the classroom and in the wallet) while still providing the same functionality. Interactive whiteboards, while still rare due to the cost, are one step away from wall-sized tablets and allow things to be written remotely instead of standing at the board. New technologies emerged for a reason! Of course teachers should use them to enchance our learning experience.

However, ironic and IT-department-ish as this will sound, I have mixed views about allowing students the same level of access to technology. I am not talking about computers, which are an ABSOLUTELY necessary part of education and always will be, but stuff like tablets and cellphones. In the aforementioned articles, the authors describe the way these devices and the Internet have atrophied the need to actually carry information in your head. What would our school become if such devices were allowed inside a classroom? No offense, fellow classmates, but I would be tempted to surf the Net or text someone if class got boring, as it does quite often. I think such “personal entertainment” technology is good where it is – out of the classroom. For now.