This is perhaps one of the hardest posts I’ve ever had to make ( it involves people, eating together, AND social interaction, for heaven’s sake!) I actually have no idea who I would want to invite off the bat. Time for an inner self idea dump.

Chuck Norris, Megan Fox, Charlie Sheen, Emma Watson, Johnny Depp…

No, that’s my teenage inner self. Not quite enough G-rated for a school assignment. Let’s try the nerdy inner self.

Mozart, Gandhi, Ben Franklin, Beethoven, Einstein…

Definitely not gonna work. I have no wish to spend an evening feeling like an idiot and “uh-huh”-ing to rocket science theories. Back to manual selection. Here goes:

The first person I would invite would be my dad. Besides the obvious fact that he’s, well, my dad, he is always willing to have a conversation about anything I ask. Although critical, he is very smart and knows a lot of stories from before and after he came to America. He’s also great at discussing current events and will share his views on just about anything. And my dad is a programmer, which means computers shiver and work like they should when he’s around. But as soon as he steps out of the room…”Dad! BSOD!”

The second person I would invite is Mr. Roberts, my 8th grade TAG Georgia History teacher. Those who had him at River Trail, no words will be necessary, but for those that didn’t, he’s a historian, teacher, comedian, high-life entrepreneur, gold investor, and coach all in one – and above all, still manages to qualify as a true human being. Mr. Roberts grew up in the South during the late 1900’s, so he has a lot of life experience. He is one of perhaps three teachers I had that are real teachers, one of those people that can make their subject come alive for the students. And the stories, well…Mr. Roberts can make a humorous story out of almost anything and about anything. That and his overall likable character is why I would invite Mr. Roberts to dinner as well. It’s impossible to be bored with him around!

I have a few friends that I keep in touch with online, but if I had to invite one of them I would invite Eric. His family is Russian and his and my parents grew up together so we all stay in touch. We often go camping or to New Year parties together. But the main reasons I would invite him are 1) For a guy that’s four months younger than me, he’s pretty cool, and 2) Eric can always make anyone laugh. Even The Grouch would be rolling on the floor in minutes. Besides, we’re both teenagers, so there are many…jokes that we alone find funny. He shares many of the same interests as me while being mature enough to hold a serious conversation with a grownup.

I think the guests would get along quite well. Mr. Roberts and Dad would have some different views on history (each believing that his country’s is most important) but otherwise I see no barriers. We would simply converse about anything that comes to mind while enjoying a good dinner.

We have a classic Longhorn menu. Everyone orders anything they want because the bill is hardwired to Bill Gates’ account thanks to Dad 😉 JK. We start off with Caesar salad, bread, those buttered cornbread balls that they give you befog a meal,and some soup. Then for the main course. Dad would order a 16-oz. rare steak, Mr. Roberts, probably baked potatoes Souther style, and Eric and I would order griller shrimp on a bed of rice. As for drinks…The grownups would order something along the lines of beer or wine, and I would order apple cider for myself and Eric (inside joke). Then, as evening fell, we would order desserts and strike up relaxed conversation while enjoying ice cream, cheesecake and Longhorn’s rich Volcano chocolate cake. And perhaps a hot fudge sundae each.