As  stated above, my answer is obviously no to the magic decade-skipping dust. But it was kinda hard to answer, so I’ll start off my explaination…

There was one question that was immediately obvious: Would this dust simply propel my current self into a new body, with no clue what happened during those ten years? Or is it like time travel, where I simply skip ten years of my life, but I have the memories from those ten years? I know, it’s pretty complicated. However, I would still not breathe this magic dust, regardless of the situation.

If I disappeared from the current world and reappeared ten years later, the first problem is that I would be very confused, having no idea what happened during those ten years. Second, being 24 with the mind and intelligence of a 14 year old will get you nowhere fast in the working world…my life situation would be completely different from now, with no time to prepare. Answer is obvious much?

And even if I did know what happened during that time, it would make me even more awkward in the new world . For the first several days, I’d be rewinding everything that happened in the time I skipped…it would be like trying to eat ten year’s worth of dinners at once – kinda hard to digest. Who knows what I’ll remember? “I passed high school! Great! And I’ve been accepted into CalTech…Oh, and I have a car too…an old Toyota, but still good…what? I got my license suspended once for speeding? I promised myself that would never happen…I have some friends now (STOP laughing), this is awesome…Eric invited me to his party two weeks ago…I’ve been working for a software company, and the boss gave me a pay raise, that’s really good…my god, I finally asked (name of crush) out in my junior year??? I’m an idiot, should’ve asked sooner…but hey, we’re still going steady…”  You get the idea. Total overload.

The biggest reason to not do this, though, is that this dust effectively takes out a good tenth out of your life. You’ll have the memories, but those would be still irreplaceable years. Those ten years would be left to the fates, and God knows they can be not very kind to us. I’m a big procrastinator, and life seems to move too fast anyway. So I’d need all the time that I can get to live my life, and have full control over what happens in it.

But say the fairy had a double package – one pinch of dust takes you forward, and the other takes you back – and I could give it a try. I don’t want to grow up any faster than the calendar makes me, but it would be interesting to see what my life is like 10 years from now. If anything is bad, I can go back and change it.

And that’s all for today, folks. Brought to you by S.A.W.D (Students Against Weird Dust)