As with all my posts, I HAVE to explain the thought process behind them. Sorry. 🙂

None of these people fit perfectly. I’d hire Ken Rockwell, if I could pick anybody. But as the saying goes, pick the best of what you’re given, so here goes.

This is 2012. I need an assistant that knows this modern world. So Shakespeare, Franklin, Da Vinci and Socrates are out. Einstein is an OK candidate because he could help me with homework and technical stuff. But he’s a little too deep for me, if you know what I mean. Relativity theories and such. So the only person left is Steve Jobs.

Now, Jobs and the elite electronics monopoly he created in America are largely unknown to me. Apple products are awesome, no doubt, but they’re so darn expensive. I could probably feed five people for a week with a 16GB iTouch. And I’m probably mistaken, but Steve Jobs was primarily a DESIGNER. He imagined the iWorld products, their appearance, what they would be and what they would do. The requirements were shipped out to engineers, who did the grunt work. Jobs was just the overseer of the process and provided the initiative. I can’t ask him to make me an iPhone 4S, or provide the code for OS X or anything. I would most likely ask him to help me design a new electronic product, so when I start my own company I will already have a good idea or two. (The iCamera? iClock? iCar?)

Me being forever alone, his main job would be a buddy-for-hire. We could discuss…almost anything.  I’d ask him tons of questions about how he gets his inspiration and how he spends an average day and so on. And he could explain aspects of business and the corporate world to me. And I could tell him to make his products cheaper and less specialized, so I could use them too, to which he would respectfully disagree, of course., And that’s just about all I can think of that Steve Jobs could do for me as my personal assistant.