I don’t really know what I don’t know. I’ll try to make a list:

1) Gerunds: isn’t it a something actually being used like a something?

2) When to use I and my

3) Whom and who

4) Dangling modifiers

5) Using consistent tenses in a sentence.

That’s pretty much it but I’ll try to add more as we continue the EOCT siege in class.

Update – And also the objects of things. Objects of phrases, objects of verbs…don’t get ’em

What I dislike about this week’s comments is that you actually have to go and RESEARCH them instead of dishing out a sounds cool bro answer.

Update II – What the heck are antecedents? And where does the period/comma go when using quotation marks?

Update III – Just posted some mile-long comments. Why am I actually doing helpful comments…I just don’t know.

Update IV – From CCABLE17’s post, I remembered I have trouble with the different types of parts of speech. Direct and indirect objects, reflexive, demonstrative, objective and other types of pronouns, etc…