Well…I don’t really HAVE all that many talents. I don’t do sports. I’m not a whiz in school. (My best talent is laziness) And I have to explain whatever talent I can unearth  in 5-10 minutes. That doesn’t leave very much.

1) I could teach everyone how to play Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. This is one of  several things in my life that I am a complete boss at. (The two cars on my right are my favorites BTW). If I prepped a PS3 and hooked it up to the projector before class then I could cover some helpful tricks in 10 minutes:

– Release the gas for a second instead of using the brake to reduce speed loss while drifting.

– Use jammers and spike strips to avoid EMP’s. Don’t waste them just for fun.

– Save turbos and EMP’s for the last several miles to get a lead back or get other racers out of your way.

– The handbrake is useful for taking the T-turns without crashing. It’s also critical in Interceptor mode when doing a 180 to keep a suspect in range. It’s really powerful, though, so don’t press down for more than 1.5 second or so.

– Don’t take the shortcuts that run parallel to the road – they’ll slow you down. Use them only when on critical health to evade the cops because they aren’t supposed to take shortcuts.

– When you see a cop on the side of the road getting ready to chase you, line up behind him, drop a spike strip and veer out of the way. The spike will slide and hit the cop, buying you several seconds.

That’s NFS. What else am I good at, let’s see…

2) Oh, yes. The school computers. I know quite a lot about them and their workings. I could share some of my more beneficial knowledge with the class. 

3) And another thing….I forgot my most important talent! Photography!http://banglagamer.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=8581&d=1302633163&thumb=1

I’ve been shooting for about 2 years now. I’m no pro, but I know quite a bit about settings and some composition. I could show the class how, with anything from a cellphone to a DSLR, you can make better photos. (I’ll try to upload some pics later).

4) Lastly, I am an improving troller/comedian. I made the mistake of being crude in my wording in the past, but now my humor is on a much more sophisticated and intelligent level. I can explain some of the basics of how to take advantage of a situation to get a non-insulting laugh.

Those are all the talents that I can share in 10 minutes in our class. I guess I do have some, after all.

Update: I went to a Roswell photo seminar in November ’11 and took a lot of (in my opinion) good shots. Here’s the link: