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How can bullying be stopped?

Honestly people can say “bullying is bad”,  and “stop bullying,” but it does not make a difference.  Bullying will never end , insecure people will continue threaten and insult their “friends.”  Soon the person loses their self-esteem and this sometimes leads to suicide.  But this could all have been prevented if that one person took their anger out on something else.  Or talked to their parents about how they feel.

Today bullies are not the big, tough guy that steals lunch money.  Usually it is someone that has a low self-esteem because thay compare themesleves to everyone else.  And when they are not as skinny as you they make fun of you for being bulimic.  Even though it is not true.  And it hurts.  People also make fun of their friends for being nerds.  But when they get into the top college in the nation…

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