As Adam said in a previous comment elsewhere, it’s a bad idea to open up yourself to the world – someone will always find a way to nail you for it. Nonetheless, this is an assignment that I feel very personally about. It’s simple. No complex baking of raw opinions/feelings into text. Just a (and yes it pretty much is a ) wish list. A G-rated one, true, but still, essentially a wish list.

Now, this will be a list of everything, even stuff that is not currently physically achievable. So time travel and friends are included. Enjoy, and comment about specific items, no “cool bro” trash. And I’m sorry if some of these don’t make sense, but like I said, it’s personal.

Stuff To Do Before I Die:

  1. Fly first class in a modern jet.
  2. Climb a mountain (a biiig talll mountain) and yell HAKUNA MATATA at the top.
  3. Ask ****** ****** out and make it the best night she ever had.
  4. Go whitewater rafting in a one-man canoe with some buddies
  5. Develop Winux.
  6. Get the most expensive stereo money can and BLAST all my favorite songs all night long.
  7. Make foods taste good but without the chemicals
  8. Travel back in time with a camera and take a photo of all those hilarious moments.
  9. Tell a certain celebrity that she is mind-blowingly hot.
  10. Skydive
  11. Do that roll-window-down-and-tilt-glasses scene for someone I dislike.
  12. Go to a party and actually have fun.
  13. Stop hoping to have an awesome life, and go and actually have an awesome life.
  14. Develop selectively-solid light technology.
  15. Become an acclaimed and awesome photographer
  16. Plan an unique and wonderful birthday party for someone that without them ever knowing who did it.
  17. Start a technology company, make actually good products, and become the next Apple only with a soul.
  18. Make a single-person jetpack capable of going at Mach 3, into outer space, and fly all day on full throttle.
  19. Learn to play guitar
  20. Build my own eco-awesoeme-dream house that runs completely on solar power.
  21. Change the world for the better
  22. Develop a 4D gaming system
  23. Learn how to dance, like seriously cool dance (I mean, the fist-thumping scenario is no longer applicable)
  24. Make a bunch of money so I can do what I want.
  26. Go to a R/C plane flying competition, and win.
  27. Become a guy that someone would voluntarily hug.
  28. Drive up to school on prom night in a Fisker Karma wearing a classy suit
  29. Get mind-reading abilities
  30. Perform in a theater
  31. Get friends, like a lot of friends
  32. Become an expert in audio-visual technologies
  33. Become good at some sport, maybe swimming or track or biking.
  34. Go to CalTech and figure out what I’m gonna be in life
  35. Stage a real-life hot pursuit, with jammers and EMP’s and everything
  36. Learn computer programming
  37. Get a good-looking hairstyle
  38. Finish high school with all A’s.
  39. Buy 10,000 acres of forest and make it a natural reserve.
  40. Win the lottery
  41. Ride one of those super-long rainforest ziplines.
  42. Own and know how to fly in something that flies (paraglider, airplane, glider)
  43. Find a me place that no one else in the world knows about.
  44. Change/save someone’s life.
  45. Once a year, google “postcard” and travel to a place like in one of the results (seriously, where do they GET those pictures of mountain rivers and white sandy beaches and stuff???)
  46. Be an investigator for the CIA on a case.
  47. Order a CARGO TRUCK FULL of all my favorite foods.
  48. Stay at a 5-star hotel
  49. Buy something because I like it and no other reason
  50. Eat as much glazed donuts as I want.
  51. Go scuba diving in Mediterranean-crystal-clear water
  52. Be on the roof of a skyscraper
  53. Become a good cook
  54. Eat dinner with a girl at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Kiss recommended but not required.
  55. Get a really fast and powerful computer.
  56. Have a personal theater in the basement of my new house with a mini snack bar next to each of the couches.
  57. Play the THX trademark sound at full volume in my personal theater’s 7.1 surround system.
  58. Play airsoft/paintball
  59. Rent a jetski for a week
  60. Do the stuff below:

And that’s my  (current, G-rated, school-policy-complying) bucket list. It’s long, but…good things may come in small packages; good writing comes in long packages.