School’s over. Hurrah. HAC seems to be down, but I’m quite confident that I passed all my classes with a good grade. Except maybe Language Arts – I heard everyone failed the Ender’s Game final project, which is sad because I really put in a lot of effort into that essay.

One negative is that I have no idea what to do with my life. I definitely don’t want to do any work (apart from the honors summer stuff) but I can’t exactly hop into a car with a wallet full of Benjamins and a jetski in tow either. Right now I’m blogging, while thinking about making cupcakes while searching under couches for my NFS online pass and listening to radio from my PS3’s crappy browser.

I’m devoting more and more of my time to making stuff that makes people chuckle. Take this gem of a comment, for example, I made on a photographer’s Google+ stream recently.

Perhaps I should look up her name on Tumblr as well?

In the next week, I’ll be changing my theme (maybe). I’m working on adapting Carly Rae Jespen’s recent hit to fit a guy at our school. And maybe some b please comics. Oh, and my birthday is in less than two weeks…