It turns out they changed the password for the Wi-Fi at school now, so it’s back to slow computers and cellular plans. Oh well; at least they let you use electronics at all. (See update)

That aside, our merry topic of the day is: should I really keep this blog going?

I honestly don’t know. Right now ChuckNorrisForNarnia is a shell of its former self. I remember last year, when I had a new assignment every week and other personal content to boot. Now, with social networks eating up more of my time and content, there’s really not that much to post. I still have 15 followers, so that’s not too bad. (But Mrs. Hunt, how could you abandon my creation? I don’t see you in the subscription list anymore….)

And I still have that name, ChuckNorrisForNarnia. Senseless, completely un-normal, weird, actually; thought up on a random whim as I created my blog in the media center lab. It’s like that email address you create when you’re 8. Eventually you have to grow out of it.

But…I don’t have any better ideas right now. I saw what I said on our (my?) last blog prompt: “As long as I have something to say…ChuckNorrisForNarnia will stay alive.” Dang right I do, and dang right it will. And after all, the strange and mysterious is often easier to remember. I mean, ten years from now I doubt anyone will remember their old blog names. But if I ask about mine? “Oh yeah! You’re the guy that wrote CHUCKNORRISFORNARNIA!” Nah, I’ll keep it. But honestly, what else could I do? Roma’s Blog? The Average Blog? The Omniblog? Ghost Town Blog? Oh well.

This’ll be my personal website, then. I might not update it every day, but yeah, I’m keeping it. And my avatar.