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   Yahoo! I asked Mrs. Sharp in the media center today and she said said that students will probably be allowed to use their own technology products this year. That’s enough for me – I’m writing this on my Tab 2 7.0, WordPress app. Who needs celluar when there’s free Internet?
   I think they finally made this smart move because of the computer shortages last year. There was a huge waiting list in the library every day, and if the lab was occupied. The school doesn’t have to buy computers and the students get free (albeit slightly censored) internet. It’s win-win. And with apps that support Microsoft, we can even create projects on the go. Yee-haw.


Updates, G+, and more fun

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School’s over. Hurrah. HAC seems to be down, but I’m quite confident that I passed all my classes with a good grade. Except maybe Language Arts – I heard everyone failed the Ender’s Game final project, which is sad because I really put in a lot of effort into that essay.

One negative is that I have no idea what to do with my life. I definitely don’t want to do any work (apart from the honors summer stuff) but I can’t exactly hop into a car with a wallet full of Benjamins and a jetski in tow either. Right now I’m blogging, while thinking about making cupcakes while searching under couches for my NFS online pass and listening to radio from my PS3’s crappy browser.

I’m devoting more and more of my time to making stuff that makes people chuckle. Take this gem of a comment, for example, I made on a photographer’s Google+ stream recently.

Perhaps I should look up her name on Tumblr as well?

In the next week, I’ll be changing my theme (maybe). I’m working on adapting Carly Rae Jespen’s recent hit to fit a guy at our school. And maybe some b please comics. Oh, and my birthday is in less than two weeks…

Procrastinator to the end

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And I also forgot to include my bibliography.

A lot of traffic

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Guys, I was checking out my dashboard and I saw this:


It’s barely lunchtime, and already I have my second-busiest day! Thanks, readers and followers!

An evaluation of this whole thing


I’m a bit sad, knowing that no one is going to comment on this post. And I can’t really say comment on anyone else’s, as they either syncophated (I spell that right Mrs. H?), gave a so-so opinion, or said they liked it in one sentence. I guess I’ll resort to Liking posts.

I think the weekly blog assignments are a valuable writing experience for students. By all means they should continue for future classes. However, I would suggest some modifications to the requirements and grading system.

First off, posts should have a length requirement – say, an eight-sentence paragraph minimum. You can tell me everything you want about haikus and stuff, but a deep, thoughtful response to a prompt simply cannot be expressed with two sentences by high school freshmen.

Second, ENOUGH WITH THE LAME COMMENTS. Comments should receive a zero unless they are “noticeably intelligent, refer to/comment on a specific part of the post, and/or evidently show that the commenter has read the post being commented upon.” I’ll leave that for a teacher to interpret as he/she wishes. But honestly, some of the comments I’ve seen, I’d only pass if I was working at two in the morning on Monster-infused coffee with a $1/minute Wi-Fi service trying to grade 50 blogs in as many minutes after going without sleep for three days.

Extra credit should be given for material that stands out from the crowd. If someone wrote an extra-special comment or post, additional points should be given for that. Commenting above the required number should also result in bonuses.

I enjoyed the assignments. Perhaps because my alternately brilliant beyond doubt and darkly devious mind didn’t have any (long-lasting) outlets for my brilliance and deviousity, perhaps because this was the height of my social interaction on a daily basis, perhaps because it was one of the few assignments that married ease with likability…whatever the reason, this is probably the one project that I was able to go above and beyond on, turn in on time – and have fun doing it.

Now for the rambling. What, excuse me, pissed me off the most is people’s obvious A) lack of effort and B) lack of elementary grammar and punctuation. In third place was a general airiness of posts, like very cheap cotton candy: Bulky and substantial to the eye, sweet for a fraction of a second, but empty and devoid of substance if one sought true satisfaction.

I asked around and found that most people didn’t give a flying duck for this assignment (save for a few people like me) or any other assignments in fact. I can’t blame them. Why focus your attention on schoolwork if there are actual friends to be talked to, places to go, things to see, and lives to be lived? It is a precious few that poured out their effort into these assignments. Most will leave their blogs hanging here like unused antiques or delete them if they know how. Me, I’ll never be able to do that. My blog has somehow become a part of me, a memory of all that happened this year, and while I have something to say to the world (or until I find someone that’ll listen), ChuckNorrisForNarnia will stay alive. It will have to comply with school policies, as I’m sure the link is seeded in a dozen places and monitored by [the school], but it will stay alive.

You can  tell really easily who did make an effort and who didn’t. And grades should be adjusted accordingly.

That is it.

Adios. Au revoir. Goodbye. It’s been a fun and…eventful…year. I’m off to Belarus for the summer, and I’ll be posting updates. I hope that everyone can find a connection to writing that stretches beyond texting and forced assignments. See ya.

WordPress Troll

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I found out something else: You can like people’s posts. I liked my own, as an experiment. And I get this e-mail notification:

I’m removing the forever alone face from my gravatar, because that e-mail had WAAY too much truth that way.

Anyone want one?

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