Panny has developed a reputation in the camera market for affordable yet capable devices, as well as beasts like the recently released GH4. Like some companies, however (looking at you, Sony), they aren’t that good at keeping orderly archives of their older products. Often it takes a trip to the search engine to find a model that the search refuses to cough up.

On top of that, they’ve developed an annoying habit of having two manuals for each product: one “dummy” manual, and one with all the actually useful stuff, like menus and special functions. On many archived models, they only offer the basic manual.

Or do they?

Take the manual for the FX-78, for example:

Then go and add “_ADV” at the end, like so:

And voila – you have the advanced manual. (I was browsing cameras all weekend and happened to notice this. It makes sense, really, so the IT guys can keep everything methodically organized.)