I’ve been thinking about two unaccounted-for resources that I need to run my online shenanigans. One is time – just how much time it’s sucking up, and if it’s really worth it, because time is the most valuable resource, we don’t live forever, etc.  Two, all the little expenses that go into packaging & shipping, that I haven’t yet included in my revenue formulas.

Guess which is more fun to write about!

Dad recently upgraded to a no-nonsense Brother HL-2270DW after our old Samsung drove everyone batty with wireless issues. According to the ISO/IEC 19752 standard, a high-yield TN450 cartridge (OEM, of course) yields 2,600 pages for $44. Looking at the test page used for printing, it has approximately the same amount of ink the shipping labels use. $44/2600 = ~1.69¢ of toner per page. Including price variations, shipping charges, inflated specs, etc., we can round this up to 2¢ per page.

Paper comes in all weights and prices. I’ve seen reams from 1¢ to as much as 10-11¢ per sheet. Assuming Dad buys his wholesale and isn’t looking for top-notch paper, we can also assume this to be 2¢ per sheet.

Packaging tape has wildly varying prices. There are 4-packs going for cheaper than a single pack of tape, and prices range from 4.3¢ to as much as 40-45¢ per meter. I think it’s okay to put the price at 5¢…although Amazon has a monopoly on lowest prices (and could raise them at any time), between other sellers, coupons, etc, I should be fine. Amazingly, I estimate that I use 3/4 OF A METER for larger packages. I’ll try to cut down on that, of course, but for now I’m using around 3-4¢ of tape per package. In business, we always round up, so that’s four cents.

Why didn’t I include packaging prices? Because I ship out much less than I receive – and therefore have tons of padded envelopes and boxes lying around.

So a single-sheet printout (with postage & the invoice), plus tape, will cost $0.08 total. That may not seem like a lot, but it does add up quickly.